Our Story

SOMEONE, a person, makes each of our longboard and product. Everyone has a unique story, and every story is worth telling. That’s what we do. If you get our longboard, you will get to know the story behind its maker.

The whole project is aimed at creating work possibilities for those who struggle in today’s competitive environment, such as asylum seekers, immigrants and the long-term unemployed.

There are bystanders and then there are doers. We know that working is the key to a better life. There are too many of those who have fallen by the wayside — outsiders and underdogs.

We’ll lift back on track as many as we can. We believe that working will lead to people getting along in society. That’s why we want to give work opportunities to as many refugees or dropouts as we can. And that’s why our every longboard is handmade by a refugee or another kind of an underdog.

The Jalla Board spun off from a project run by a local NGO Vuolle Setlementti ry and funded by European Social Fund. A group of friends wanted to use their expertise to do good continued the work in form of a company, and so the Jalla Board was born.

The Jalla idea soon spread to other products, and now the portfolio includes earrings and bags with more great products in planning stages.

What ties this all together is the Jalla Board ideology: All of our products have a pinch of Southern soul and Finnish heritage in them.

Don’t be a bystander!