Jalla People


Saman Master Carpenter
Saman's signature
Master Carpenter
Saman is originally from Iraq. He's the number one Jalla Board shaper.
He also has a strong handprint on the Jalla product development. 

Javad sewer

Javad came to Finland from Afghanistan in 2015. A talented sewer and a craftsman with many years of experience. By working with Jalla he also wants to develop his skills as he aspires to become a clothing designer.

Javid sewer

Despite of his young age Javid has worked several years in the industry in many roles - also managerial. He comes from Afghanistan and has lived in Finland for almost two years. Javid is a skillful sewer and a tailor.

 Arttu, CEO
Arttu Tavia
CEO, Co-founder
Creator of the Jalla Board and an outdoors enthusiast with
a strong background in business development and entrepreneurship. 

Minna, HR Manager
Minna Ylilehto

HR Manager, Co-founder
Inspiring coach and a people person first and foremost.

Matleena, Business Development Manager
Matleena "Matu" Aarikallio

Business Development Manager, Co-founder
Matleena spreads the joy wherever she goes and initiates
the Jalla business deals.

Santtu, PR & Brand Manager
Santtu Palm

Brand & PR Manager, Co-founder
Social media expert and a media producer with entrepreneurial experience.

Mika, Marketing Manager
Mika Ylilehto

Marketing Manager, Co-founder
Passionate marketer with international business experience.

Harri, Gone Surfing
Harri Rautava

Gone Surfing, Co-founder
Kitesurfer with years of experience in international
board business