Jalla Brand

We are open to any kind of co-operation to make the world a little bit more equal. We are fun to play with!

Jalla is more than a set of products. It’s an ideology. It’s a spiritual home for people who believe in doing and using their skills to make a difference. We believe, oh no, we know, that everybody can make a difference and we are here to help to create the opportunities to jump into it.

For the people we work with we offer a chance to use their expertise to enhance their own wellbeing. We offer them a chance to contribute, be proud of their work and customers that appreciate their work.

For our customers we offer a unique design product with a statement. Buying this product means that you’ll benefit its creator and you’ll help to make a shift towards a little bit more equal society.

For our partners and co-operatives we offer a medium to demonstrate your values and responsibility. Your customers like us and they will LOVE both of us together.

What can we do together?