Jalla Board RAAKA



Make raw, not war.

Raw – a synonym for brutality, violence, unforgiveness. Not anymore: Meet the Jalla Board RAAKA.


Raw is something pure. Raw is originally beautiful. Raw is natural. Just like the Finnish nature.


When was the last time you respected pure, raw nature? If you had to think about it, you are doing it wrong. 


Be raw. Be pure.


Take a closer look


RAAKA deck:
  • Length: 65-80cm (25" - 31")
  • Width 16-18 cm (6" - 8")
  • Birch, Betula pendula
  • Age 25 - 30 years
  • 8% moisture content
Ingredients: 50 % coal (C), 41% oxygen (O), 6% hydrogen (H), betulin (antibacterial) and xylan. 
These birches grew in Juankoski, Finland. During the period of their growth the average temperature was 2 to 3 degrees Celcius, enjoying about 1 500 hours of sunlight per year. It goes without saying that these trees have become accustomed to the harsh northern climate.
Surface of the board is kept as natural as it can be, covered by a coat of varnish to keep it safe. It has the perfect touch - no added grip tape needed. Every deck is unique: it has dents, it has some birch bark on it, it's rough and rude. It's RAW.


  • Width: 3,5” 
  • 90A truck bushings
  • Brushed aluminum
  • Bearings: waterproof ABEC-9

  • Diameter: 60mm
  • Width: 45 mm
  • Durometer 78A
  • Colors: clear, blue, grey and red
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