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We've got stock!

We started the presale couple of months ago to probe the market with our products. As we said in the first blog post we didn't have any stock yet, but started to fulfill the orders as they came in. 

The reason for this careful approach was partly due to the fact that none of us in the team works for Jalla full time just yet, so we wanted to start off easily and grow as we go. 

Thanks to you we've gotten quite a few orders and have managed to grow the stock, too. We can now shorten the delivery times, which, we admit, were a bit long. 

Other good news is, we've gotten our products to couple of bricks and mortar shops, too! As of this week there are two Jalla Boards available for test ride in Co-work by Op Lab, a co-working space in downtown Oulu. And more on that note, our products are going to be on display and for sale in Kure store, also downtown Oulu, yay! 

Hey, we do realize you aren't all living in Oulu and we are working to get our products out there in the big world, too. :) 

Don't be a bystander, check out all the Jalla products here!


Jalla board stock

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