A piece of Finnish nature hits the streets 

A piece of Finnish nature hits the streets 


Jalla specializes in creating accessories that draw attention to real issues in the society and provoke much needed discussion around these topics.


When was the last time you respected pure, raw nature? If you had to think about it, you are doing it wrong.

Meet Jalla Board RAAKA – a board from the heart of Finland’s forests.

Raaka is the Finnish word for raw. In Jalla’s case, raw doesn’t mean brutality or violence. Jalla redefined raw to mean “pure”, original and natural – Just like Finnish nature.

RAAKA takes a stand for the sustainable use of our most precious natural resource - forests. Our products are made sustainably of waste wood as a side product of a local sawmill and no heavy industrial are applied to the board.

That’s how RAAKA is born. Sustainably, with love and style from Finland.

Every deck is unique: it has dents, it has some birch bark on it, it's rough and rude. 

It’s like all of us.

It's RAW.

And now you can have one for yourself!

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