A Game Changer

SOMEONE, a person, makes each one of our products. This person’s story is told through his handcraft. When it comes to Jalla Board Original, this board tells the story of Saman who has given the soul to each board from product development to shaping the actual products.

Saman is originally from Kurdishtan and we were pleased to offer him work when he was seeking for an asylum. After all, the whole Jalla Board Original project is aimed at creating work possibilities for those who struggle in today’s competitive environment, such as asylum seekers, immigrants and the long-term unemployed. In Saman’s case, we are pleased to say that he’s been granted an asylum in Finland and he will continue his working career at another job.

As every Jalla Board Original has a piece of Saman in them and he is no longer creating these masterpieces, the story of Jalla Board Original will soon be coming to its end. The last few Jalla Board Originals available wait in our storage for the lucky ones to get their hands on the last representatives of this species. Get yours for the reduced price of 199 euros from our store.

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