Design from Finland

Design from Finland

Jalla products help shape the society for the better! We want to continue on this road, designing and manufacturing great products that look good and are fun to use. 

We are very proud to have been granted the Design from Finland Mark for the Jalla Never Bag. This mark can be granted for the companies who invest in professional Finnish design. Of course we've been doing that the whole time, but it's nice to get an official recognition for the work. Thank you The Association for...

A dream date

Our friends across the pond had a dream date featuring the Jalla Board original.

Looks fun!

Video is in Finnish, but even if you didn't understand what they are saying, the language of longboarding is universal.

If you like what you see (sure you do) see Milli & Abe's Youtube channel.

We've got stock!

We've got stock!

We started the presale couple of months ago to probe the market with our products. As we said in the first blog post we didn't have any stock yet, but started to fulfill the orders as they came in. 

The reason for this careful approach was partly due to the fact that none of us in the team works for Jalla full time just yet, so we wanted to start off easily and grow as we go. 

Thanks to you we've gotten quite a few orders and have managed to grow the stock, too. We can now shorten the delivery...

Presale starts

Presale starts

This is it - a start of a beautiful story!

After being busy with product development for the last few months, we are finally ready to step into the limelight!

Currently we have three products on the presale: the Jalla Board Original, the Jalla Never Bag and the Jalla Yearrings with two different variations. 

Please, remember, at this stage we are still honing our production facilities and getting everything set for mass production, so the delivery times can be a little longer – bear with us, please. You can also always give...