A Japanese van in the snow

Happy New Year!

It was about a year ago when we made the decision to start a company and start manufacturing and selling the Jalla boards. A lot has happened since, but there's still a lot to do. This year we'll bring out new products, like the beanie, which is almost ready to be ordered - just a little bit more testing to be done. 
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Finnish landscape

Happy Independence Day!

Today we celebrate the 100th anniversary of Finland. 

During those 100 years our country has risen from a poverty-stricken Northern European backcountry into one of the most advanced countries in the world. It has not come without a sacrifice, though. Our parents and grandparents had to bear a huge cost to gain the independence weow have. We all have to make up that dept to further develop this country to be the most equal nation in the world. 

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Jalla dog, Virpi, at the Nuur shop in Helsinki city centre

Jalla Board is part of Nuur

Nuur - meaning light in Arabic - is a pop-up store and café at Espan lava, in Helsinki.

Jalla Board is one of the organizing members whose products are presented there. Spearheaded by Startup Refugees, Nuur was set up to create awareness towards multiple Finnish organizations that help the unemployed to find work. 

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Design from Finland

Design from Finland

Jalla products help shape the society for the better! We want to continue on this road, designing and manufacturing great products that look good and are fun to use.  We are very proud to have been granted the Design from Finland Mark for the Jalla Never Bag. This mark can be granted for the companies who invest in professional Finnish design. Of course we've been doing that the whole time, but it's nice to get an official recognition for the work. Thank you The Association for Finnish Work for this! 

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Guys having a chat

We've got stock!

We started the presale couple of months ago to probe the market with our products. As we said in the first blog post we didn't have any stock yet, but started to fulfill the orders as they came in.  The reason for this careful approach was partly due to the fact that none of us in the team works for Jalla full time just yet, so we wanted to start off easily and grow as we go.  Thanks to you we've gotten quite a few orders and have managed to grow the stock, too. We can now shorten the delivery...

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